• Markus Andersen.

    Born in Sydney, Australia. He studied photography at the Sydney Institute of Technology and his art practice encompasses documentary and conceptual bodies of work using all forms of analogue and digital photography. His Images are taken rapidly yet reveal multiple levels of composition that Andersen has captured at an intuitive level. “I look for elements that will add a mood to the image: my creative decisions are made in an instant. I shoot fast, take the frame and move. I guess it’s like trying to capture lightning in a bottle.

    Markus Andersen has held solo and collaborative exhibitions in New York, Paris, Toronto, Istanbul, Sydney and the United Kingdom; and his work is represented in numerous private and institutional collections.

    In 2015, Andersen released his first book through T&G Publishing titled Rage Against The Light”.

    Andersen was the subject of a documentary entitled Into the Belly of the Beast by noted director Rob Norton.