• Elif Gulen.

    Elif Gulen was born in Baltimore M.D. U.S.A. She moved with her family back to Turkey and lived most of her life in Istanbul. After getting her BA in Graphic Design, she traveled the world for a year taking photos in numerous countries such as Cuba, Yemen and China. She opened an exhibition of her black and white Cuba photographs at the British Council, Ankara, Turkey. After finishing her M.A. in Film Studies, she photographed and filmed the urban transformation of Galata, Istanbul. In 2014 she had a solo BW photography exhibition in Gama Gallery in Istanbul titled ‘Traces of Istanbul’. She is a passionate photographer photographing Istanbul with her iPhone.

    “I live in a very beautiful and wild city; Istanbul. So I roam the streets and it is my stage. The history, culture and the wonderful light creates my backdrop. What goes in between is my passion to capture.”