• Carlein Van Der Beek.

    Originally I’m a painter, abstract work, so called “mixed media” paintings. At the art academy where I studied, I was also able to take photography classes. My world is purely visual. Wherever I am, I look around me and see possible pictures. I let myself lead by mood, colours. light, shapes. I work either “pure” so hardly reworked or I work in layers, like I build up my mixed media paintings.

    I started with iPhoneography at the beginning of 2010. My iPhone work really got noticed in 2011. My work has been featured on some sites and blogs, and I have been featured in interviews as well. The big break came when I was invited to participate in Eyephoneography #2 in Madrid May 2011. Ten of my pieces where shown in Madrid with 3 other iPhoneographers (Jordi V. Pou, Matt Burrows and Stefano Giogli). The event got a lot of press coverage in El Mundo, El Pais, Playboy, and on television. That was was followed by the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival, an exhibit with Eric De Fino, Richard Koci Hernandez, Dan Cristea, Sion Fullana, Anton Kawasaki, Keith Weaver and Giacomo Por. For the festival, our work was printed on aluminum.

    Concurrent to that festival, Mobile eyephoneography was launched. This involves the work of Eyephoneography #1, #2 and #3 travelling around Spain with stops in eight major cities (Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Sevilla to name a few).

    In January 2012 I was the winner of the IPA Mobile Grant Award 2011

    In February 2012, I was featured in Latitudes, an international Photography Festival held annually in Huelva, Spain. This is a major breakthrough where photography and iphoneography were shown on a museum level. Latitudes hosts works by renowned photographers, including Magnum greats such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa and Doisneau.

    In April 2012 the “iPhone Fotografie” , a 176, hard cover book was published by the German National Geographic in which I am featured with 30 pages, next to Richard Koci Hernandez, Carsten Peter, Damon Winter and Michael Christopher Brown.

    In January 2013 this book appeared as e-book in english and german

    In August 2012: 4 of my pieces (30 x 30 inches) were shown in the LA MAF Exhibition, organized by IphoneArt.com.

    December 2012: mObilepixatiOn, an piXel revOlution exhibition in London, UK, organised and curated by Marina Akwa (iPhonehipsta)

    January 2013: part of MacWorld Mobile Masters (e-book and iPad Wall by Dan Marcolina) during the MacWorld Event in San Francisco.

    June 2013: 7 page portfolio in FOCUS, the leading dutch photography magazine.

    August 2013: One of the 45 artists explaining one of their works in a step by step tutorial in a full colour book called: “THE ART OF IPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY” BY Bob Weil and Nicki Fitz-Gerald

    January 2014: interview in the Centennial issue of FOCUS, the leading dutch photography magazine.

    April 23 – September 18 2014: The Art and Exhibits Program at Toronto Pearson International Airport is pleased to present Hiding in Plain Sight, an exhibition of work by Tiny Collective. as a part of the CONTACT Photography Festival. Location is Toronto Pearson International Airport.

    November 2014 – January 2015: Tiny Collective in Paris at the Mobile Camera Club

    December 2014: Featured in “Out of the Phone, a Mobile Photo Book” by Pierre le Govic

    February -March 2015: “Outsiders” an international group exhibition, hosted by the Mobile Camera Club in Paris