Tiny Collective is an international photography cooperative with current contributing members based in New York, Paris, Istanbul, Toronto, Zagreb, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, Atlanta and Sydney.

Formed in 2012 through a common interest in the early pioneering character of mobile photography, the group has since expanded its membership, maturing into what is arguably a group of the most innovative and forward thinking photographic artists working today.

In its early phases, mobile photography was simply not taken seriously. It was thought of as something for the fringe, or the uninitiated. As such, Tiny didn’t approach mobile necessarily as a niche, but rather began as a reaction to this incomplete, limited narrative. Seeking to push against the normative schemes at play in the mobile photography worlds, Tiny sought to actively develop new ways to exert its personality and by 2013 began attaching more traditional roles to its mobile works by partnering with brands (Impossible Project) and exhibiting as a group in a variety of galleries and alternative spaces (“The Re Evolution of Mobile” at The Garrison in Toronto, Canada, 2012 and “The Space Between” at the Centre for Photography at Woodstock (CPW) gallery, New York, USA 2014, “Hiding in Plain Sight” at Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada as part of the 2014 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography festival, “Foto Istanbul” International Photography festival, Istanbul, Turkey Oct 2014, and a large format exhibition at the Mobile Camera Club in Paris Nov. 2014.

In the few years Tiny Collective has been creating as a group, mobile has matured a bit, becoming part of the photographic lexicon. Now, it is not unusual to see mobile photographers showcasing in galleries and coming together as groups and “teams.” As such, Tiny has always seen the advent of mobile as a means to an end – that photography itself has simply entered a new era and with this shift Tiny has certainly embraced mobile as a valuable creative tool within the medium, which has, in turn, allowed for many of us to revisit traditional modes of photography and image making with a newfound sense of artistry and creativity.

From a continued desire to build a combined portfolio of like-minded, creative individuals, Tiny remains dedicated to producing new and bold photographic work through its mission to propel, foster and explore the new social era of the digital arts and image making as a whole. And yes, this means photography.

All images on this site have been captured and edited using a mobile phone.

Tiny’s growth is curated and works on a nomination system in which current group members nominate potential new membership on an annual basis. The next membership nomination will take place in Summer 2016.

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